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LESS – Concept

LESS - Concept

We live in a society where clothing is associated with a binary gender and we accept it as ‘normal’. We grew up in a system, being associated to one or the opposite gender, living the role as male or female. But aren’t we all a bit feminine and masculine somehow? I do believe, that gender is a spectrum and that we should approach for more style experimentation in fashion and unpicking old-fashioned gender standards.

In my work, it is important to offer people the freedom to celebrate their identities through fashion, creating their own style and interpreting the garment on an individualistic level. My question to the fashion world is ‘why do we need to create shapeless monotone unisex collections, if skirts, suits and ties can be worn by any gender?’ and ‘why is fashion still following the gender binary model idea?’
Therefore, I want to open up a conversation trough fashion, creating a (gender-) ‘LESS’ collection, with clothing that can be worn by any body-type and gender. I want to aim for more inclusive fashion, for all types, shouting for self-expression celebrating unique identities.

The element of the flower at LESS, symbolizes fragility and beauty. A symbol often associated with femininity; but can’t men also be fragile and beautiful? The yellow stands for the expressive line of fluidity, in between all the other lines of (social) restrictions. I also want to point out that women wearing typically men’s clothing often get judged, into the point where society questions their sexuality. LESS sets gender beauty and femininity in another context.

The collection is made out of upcycled men’s wear from over-production materials coming from diverse labels, like rip-undershirts, blue striped shirts and suits and suit-pants; unpicking mens’ wear into a more fluid version.

Fashion Performance representing Turtlehorn’s new collection LESS at BOA – Bunker of Art located in Aachen, Germany

Maria Voth Velasco

Rene Otten

Frank Castro

Location and Support

Bennet Ribbech
Elena Schwab
Kayan Mneymne
Leonie Silvana Heuer
Max Palau Klamt
Maya Akiki

Prequel to upcoming Event: Turtle The BOA

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